dcrps - The international industry event for DC rail power supply

With around 450 participants and strong international participation the first dcrps took place in January 2020 successfully. It was immediately the largest of its kind. There is no doubt that the conference will be repeated alternativly with the acrps, the sister event for AC railways, which has been held every two years since 2003.

The participants of the first dcrps included experts from railway companies and local transport companies, infrastructure operators, from the railway industry, from consultants and authorities from Europe and beyond. The second dcrps is planned for 10/11 March 2022.

The dcrps 2022 will deal with all DC railways with a nominal voltage of 600 V to 3 kV, for both public transport systems (trams, underground and suburban trains, trolleybuses, and electrified highways) as well as long-distance railways. Another topic are interfaces to the charging infrastructure of electric buses.

The conference is aimed at

  • Operators of DC railways and public transport systems
  • Railway industry
  • Engineering companies and consultants
  • Certification companies
  • Authorities and associations

Topics of the conference will be

  • Rail power supply (supply, conversion, distribution and operation)
  • Contact lines (overhead contact lines and third rail)
  • Earthing and the return circuit, EMC, stray current protection
  • SCADA systems including IT security
  • Interaction rail power supply/vehicles
  • Interaction between AC and DC railways
  • Regulations
  • Auxiliaries fed by DC traction system

Call for Papers

Interested experts who wishes to give a presentation on the dcrps 2020 are requested to submit a proposal with details of speakers, the subject and a brief summary (500 characters) by email to  org@dcrps.info.The presentation can be held in English.

Closing date is 30th June 2022.

With the registration the senders declare binding the following:

  1. Preparation of the presentation (MS PowerPoint) until 31st January 2022.
  2. Comittment to pepare a paper in English about the subject of the presentation for tconference proceedings until 10th January 2022.

The senders will be informed about the acceptance of its poposal until 30th August 2021.

Speakers are automatically registered as participants of the conference. Their participation is free of charge. Travel and accommodation expenses are to be paid itself. The hotel reservation for the speakers will be done by the organizers of the conference.

On the eve of the conference (9th March 2022) all speakers are invited to a reception in Leipzig.


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